ALEMITE   Lubrication Equipment
ARO   Lubrication Equipment
ARROW   Air Preparation Equipment
BALCRANK   Lubrication Equipment
BEHRINGER   Pipe Clamps
BIJUR DELIMON   Fluid Dispensing Products and Systems
CATLOW   Diesel & Gasoline Dispensing Equipment
CIM-TEK   Diesel Fuel Filters
DONALDSON FILTRATION   Hydraulic, Fuel and Air filter systems and replacement elements
DYNAMIC COMPONENTS   Flow Controls, Check & Needle Valves
EVERFLEX   Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies
FARVAL   Industrial Lubrication Systems
FAST FILL   High-Flow Fuel Nozzles
FE PETRO   Submercilble Fuel Pumps
FILL-RITE   Precision Meters - Formally FPP
FLOWMAX   High Flow Fueling Components
FUELMASTER   Automated Fuel Management Systems
GORMAN-RUPP PUMPS   Gasoline and Diesel Engine Transfer Pumps
GPI   Fuel, Petroleum, Herbicide & Chemical Pumps, Fuel Meters
GRACO   Industrial Pumps & Accessories for Paint, Adhesives, Ink, Food Products & Lubricants
HANNA CYLINDERS   Air and Hydraulic Actuators
HANNAY   Hose Reels
HIGHLAND TANK   Above Ground, Fuel & Oil Storage Tanks
HYDRO-CRAFT   Hydraulic Accessories
INGERSOLL-RAND   Air Compressors
ITT MARLOW   Engine Powered Fuel & Water Pumps
LINCOLN   Lubrication Equipment
LIQUID CONTROLS   High Volume Fuel Meters
LUBESITE   Single-Point Lubrication Solutions
LUBRIQUIP   Centralized Lube Equipment
MI-T-M   Manufacture of Air Compressors, Pressure Washers, Space Heaters, Vacuums and Generators
MORRISON   Fuel Storage Tank Accessories
NACHI HYDRAULICS   Control Valves, Vane & Piston Pumps
NOPAK   Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders & Valves
RTI   Inline Air Dryers for Compressed Air Systems
SAMSON   Fluid Handling Equipment/font>
THERMAL TRANSFER   Heat Exchanges, Aftercoolers & Exchangers
TRABON   Lubrication Systems
TRICO   Lubricating Equipment
TURNER TANK   Above Ground, Fuel & Oil Storage Tanks
VIBCO   Industrial Vibrators
WEATHERHEAD   Hose, Brass & Steel Fittings
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